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Updated by 02.15.2024

Mobile Users Trust Financial Lenders with Personal Data

Industry leaders regard smartphone and tablet transactions as raising customers’ convenience and value expectations.

Research shows that today’s consumers trust financial district institutions with personal data far more than they do sellers. So offering mobile solutions will help you retain and gain account holders.

Usage Statistics

Some 18 percent of surveyed consumers made mobile payments in 2016. And 26 percent plan to use this non-traditional method in 2017. American projections include remote expenditure volume for merchandise and services doubling in just five years. Typical users are 30-44 and college educated with above-average annual incomes.

Other pollsters revealed that consumers foresee their cash usage dropping lower than billers do. Shoppers noted that they would spend 32 percent less pocket money while business executives estimated just a 5 percent decrease. This discovery indicates that lenders should prioritize alternative payment modes like mobile to remain essential.

Modernization Reasons

  • Competition: Banks not offering desirable payment solutions could lose customers to innovative providers. While expecting mobile payments to depend on standard approaches (from American debit and credit cards to European systems including bankcards), other digital wallet suppliers may use brand recognition to lure new clientele.
  • Data: Mobile payment suppliers will get insights into consumers’ buying patterns like purchased items and transaction types. Otherwise hard for lenders to access, such detailed data is valuable for divulging patrons’ new product and service decisions that affect their financial management.
  • Digitization: Transactions via portable devices aren’t stand-alone efforts but logical next steps for banks to forge multichannel customer relationships. Embracing how mobile’s changing money disbursement is key. Most consumers use just a couple of payment apps. Offering yours promptly can position it among a select few.

Ideal Features

Most consumers deem card and cash payment methods convenient. For them to adopt something new, you’ll need tempting incentives. Consider improving services with better reward programs. For example, California’s Uber transportation network developed unique ways to locate, select, and reimburse drivers.

Your bank could add value by helping customers handle their loans and assets to achieve their financial ambitions. Mobile payment options might show account balances to patrons when they authorize payments. Or categorized purchases may enable budget management, saving, and long-term goals.

Despite such enticements, clients expect lenders to ensure that their universally accepted and expedient payment solutions are secure. EuroPay/MasterCard/Visa (EMV) chip-enabled credit cards emerged to prevent data breaches better. Likewise, mobile applications must provide privacy and safety. And since consumers entrust their personal details most to banks, your interfaces may beat others’ options.

Popular Advantages

Adding new payment functionality bolsters your broad transformation toward digital advancement. Instead of being a self-contained resource, it joins online payments and mobile banking that use customers’ transaction data to improve personalized experiences. Harmonize all technologies and strategies with your overall agenda.

In most regions, no single financial institution will hold enough market power to create its own proprietary solution. You’ll need a partner that builds its applications around evolving standards. E-Complish’s MobilePay provides an app and website that streamline 24/7 payments via mobile devices. Our in-house programmers will customize your platform to meet your exact requirements. We assure full payment card industry (PCI) compliance with strict data security measures.

Your offerings will promote your bank’s brand with any unique added values to your target audience while benefitting from the powerful network behind your interfaces. Easier, faster payment processing that eliminates friction generates sales upticks. Mobile payments’ contextual and transactional details can inspire new product and service innovations that your customer base will appreciate.

Quickest Growth and Profits

Mortgage, auto, student, business, and other personal and commercial loan lenders accepting mobile payments grow more quickly and lucratively than those that don’t, researchers report. A survey of 2300 global billers and customers attributed the fastest expansion to portable device transactions. Among merchants gaining at least 11 percent revenue annually, 43 percent offer apps for payments and purchases, compared to 32 percent of their slower-developing counterparts.

Results showed that worldwide organizations enjoy rapid growth. Of those reaching 11 percent or higher yearly profit hikes, 56 percent serve international markets, contrasted with 44 percent of their slower-evolving peers. Some 58 percent of spenders in emerging countries utilize smartphone or tablet payments once or more per week. That figure dips to 39 percent in developed nations where Kenya and China rank as mobile leaders.

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