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Updated by 09.06.2023

Why IVRs Work for the Medical Industry

Medical Industry

As we’ve discussed before, there are certain payment solutions that, no matter how quickly the payment landscape changes, will always be staples of specific industries. IVRs, or Interactive Voice Responses, are one of those payment systems. With the high and rising cost of call centers for business transactions, IVRs offer a less expensive and more reliable way for customers to make phone payments, especially in the medical industry.

How IVRs Are Improving

IVRs Work for the Medical Industry

Just this year, E-Complish completed a 15-year study of their IVR systems, determining the drop-off points where consumers are either unsure of how to proceed or do not have the necessary information. In this study, E-Complish broke down these points and offered solutions to make the IVRs more effective.

Problem areas included:

  • Message Length;
  • Address Not Recognized;
  • Customer Did Not Understand “Pound Sign” Requests.

To solve these problems, E-Complish shortened the message length, as customers were tired of waiting between 30-60 seconds until they were prompted to enter information. A new option was inserted into the IVR for P.O. boxes, as these addresses traditionally have not been recognized by IVRs that use location-based databases to access information. Finally, when the customer was prompted to “press pound,” E-Complish introduced instructions to the location of the sign.

Why IVRs Work for the Medical Industry

The medical industry is complex to navigate, especially for payments and transactions. IVRs provide a reliable mode for hospitals and clinics to offer 24/7 payment options without the necessary investment in phone operators. While some payment solutions may be more accessible for a younger generation, including mobile and text payments, IVRs cater to Baby Boomers who more frequently visit hospitals.

The most important variable to navigate when deciding on a payment solution for a business is the technology’s ease of use and accessibility. Customers should have options when making a payment to make their experience easier, reduce late and missed payments, and prevent annoying late fees that come from a misunderstanding of how to pay.

IVRs are the least complex payment solution on the market today, and with studies similar to E-Complish’s, they’re getting better every year. To learn how they work and discover if an Interactive Voice Response solution is right for your business, schedule a consultation.

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