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Automated Phone Payment System | e-complish

Leading Online Payment Processor Launches Latest IVR Payment Solution

Baltimore, Maryland, April 25, 2016 — For all the talk of how tech-savvy U.S. consumers have become, along with their preference for social media and other forms of digital communication, the telephone remains the most preferred brand engagement method.

According to a study by Accent Marketing, 63 percent of consumers said that the phone still provides the highest level of customer service. With a finding like this, it’s also not surprising that the customers working with many small and medium-sized companies still prefer to call in for support, payments, and solutions.

While increased call volume could be a positive sign (especially if customers are calling to pay their invoices) the drawback is also obvious. Call volume overload could undermine brand performance. The best way to mitigate this risk is increasingly found to be an automated phone payment system with interactive voice recognition. That’s why E-Complish, a leading payment solutions provider, is pleased to offer advanced IVR payment processing.

Two Systems, One IVR Payment Goal

Designed to handle both inbound and outbound IVR credit card processing, the IVR payment system includes two service packages: DirectPay and EnterAct. DirectPay provides hassle-free fully customized inbound answering services that can process credit card and ACH transactions over the phone with a simple transfer from your phone system. Operating 24/7, DirectPay’s advanced computer processing and voice rendering system is able to capture the sound and feel of your company.

EnterAct, the outbound system, offers advanced message and payment functionality. The automated phone payment system places phones calls of any sort with any content your company requires. And like DirectPay, the system captures the sound and feel of your company. Whether broadcasting a generic message or use for collection of payments, both systems work in concert to reduce costs, cut overhead, and increase profit through enhanced customer satisfaction.

“Increased call volume, much of it via mobile, is an important reminder of just how important telephone technology remains for the average consumer,” said Stephen Price, E-Complish’s CEO. “But an automated phone payment system, capable of IVR payment processing is a customer engagement tool that empowers brands with the tools they need to succeed in highly competitive markets. By efficiently handling an assortment of payment-related calls, sales staff can focus on the critically important need to grow their business.”

IVR Is Just Good Business

Getting your automated payment system and IVR technology right isn’t just about good customer service. It’s about the future viability of the brand itself. Studies confirm what should be obvious: customers who report positive IVR experiences were more likely to use the service again versus those who struggled. Encouragingly, 88 percent of those respondents, according to a study by Customer Contact Council division of the Corporate Executive Board, said they would consider spending more money on future IVR usage.

“By systematically identifying problems with the way payments are processed and developing tools to fix them, E-Complish has grown to offer a full suite of solutions that streamline payment processes down to the last detail,” Price added. “Today your typical consumer not only expects and demands multi-channel engagement, they require these channels to work coherently together in a seamless fashion. As the primary gateway millions of customers have to interacting with their brand of choice, automated payment systems with IVR credit card capability, must literally answer the call of service.”

About E-Complish

Founded in 1998, E-Complish’s mission is to deliver a wide selection of secure and dependable services, making it easy for its customers to process and report on all types of transactions. For more information about E-Complish and its suite of online business solutions including its automated phone payment system visit or call 888-847-7744.

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