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Updated by 10.24.2023

E-Complish Announces Integration of PayPal into All Payment Solutions Options

Popular Payment Channel Now Available to E-Complish Line of Payment Solution Services

E-Complish, a leading payment solutions provider, announced it is adding use of the popular payment channel PayPal to its suite of payment solution services. Businesses using any product in the E-Complish payment solutions lineup will now have the availability to offer their customers the familiarity, ease of use, and security features PayPal offers.

E-Complish feels that PayPal is an excellent consumer driven product and is quickly becoming a normal payment channel just like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and ACH. Using the already secure and consumer friendly features of PayPal, E-Complish sees a perfect opportunity to also offer the choice of PayPal for the consumers making payments to E-Complish clients businesses.

According to the most recent Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation survey,

“The FDIC has found that approximately 17 million U.S. adults live in households without a checking or savings account. An additional 51 million U.S. adults live in households that have a bank account but rely on nonbank providers for some financial services. Consumers who obtain financial services outside the mainstream banking system may not receive the same level of safety and security provided by deposit insurance and various federal consumer protections that are guaranteed by law, ensured by supervision, and enforced through a system of ongoing examination.”

Using these numbers as a frame of reference for an internal E-Complish study, E-Complish estimates 20-30 percent of all its electronic payment processing solutions will come through the PayPal payment channel.

“Integrating PayPal into our option of payment solutions is another way our businesses will cater to our customers’ needs,” said Stephen Price, CEO of E-Complish. “This new payment channel option will undoubtedly create a simpler, more pleasing customer experience that businesses and their customers will benefit from. Plus, why fight the movement? People just like, trust, and use PayPal. We see no need to fight the trend and just embrace it.”

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