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Text2Pay: The Simple and Secure Pay-by-text Service

Text2Pay: The Simple and Secure Pay-By-Text Service

Bring more customer satisfaction and less hassle to your business with Text2Pay, a Text-To-Pay app ensuring a user-friendly way to bill and accept payments through SMS text messaging technology. Eliminate paper, reduce late or missed payments, and provide security for your customers with a simple SMS payment system they and your business will love.

E-Complish Is Your Trusted SMS Payment Provider

Text2Pay, a.k.a. SMS payment, is a convenient payment solution that allows individuals to make payments using their smartphones by sending a text message. This short messaging service payment method allows you to send a text to your customer’s phone containing a payment option that they can easily click on to complete the transaction.

With our Text-To-Pay app, users don’t re-enter credit cards or bank details. Instead, all identifying information is already connected within the secure system, and no personal or account details are revealed. No login is required, so there is no need to search for passwords or usernames. Instead, just a few clicks on the phone, and payment is completed.

When you use E-Complish for text payment processing, we’ll work to understand your unique business needs to provide the best payment solutions that work for you. Contact our team online to set up an SMS payment gateway, or call toll-free at 888-850-5318 for more information.

Give Your Customers Another Way to Pay with SMS

SMS payment solutions are convenient, secure, fast, and cost-effective. Make payments quickly and easily, saving time and money for you and your customers.
Give Your Customers Another Way to Pay with SMS

How Our Text2Pay Service Works

The Text2Pay process is easy. Text2Pay lets customers control notifications and how they send payments, and you receive them quickly.

Here’s how it works:

  • Customers sign up for E-Complish Text2Pay and choose whether to pay bills directly through Text2Pay or want payment reminders.
  • Payment account information is entered into our secure system for customers who wish to pay directly. A personalized PIN is created to verify the payment.
  • Text2Pay sends a text payment notification to each customer when a bill is due.
  • Upon receiving the SMS payment message, customers submit their PIN and make a payment any time, day or night.
How Our Text2Pay Service Works
Clients Reviews

Clients Reviews

Very appreciative of the good support I received I specifically want to thank Matt, Bill, and Stephen
Alec K.
Waste Management Industry, Pasco, WA
The support team is always making sure our needs are met.
Crystal M.
County Supervisor, West Virginia County Water & Sewer Utility
Jason is awesome as usual and pulled through for us with never a complaint. If only he could be cloned…then the world of IT would be in a much better place.
D’Anne K.
City Utility Services, Boulder, CO

Make SMS Payments Easy with E-Complish

Text2Pay protects the finances of your customers and your business. Allow customers to pay invoices anytime, anywhere, using any device capable of sending text messages.
Make SMS Payments Easy with E-Complish

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using Pay-By-Text solutions?

There are several benefits of using Pay-By-Text solutions for both businesses and customers:
  • Convenience: A convenient payment solution that allows customers to make payments quickly and easily using their smartphones.
  • Speed: Payments are processed within seconds, making it a fast and efficient payment solution for businesses and customers.
  • Security: A secure payment solution that uses encryption and other security measures to protect sensitive payment information.
  • Accessibility: Accessible to customers who may not have access to traditional payment methods, such as credit cards or cash.
  • Cost-effective: A cost-effective payment solution for businesses, as it reduces the costs associated with traditional payment methods, such as credit card processing fees.

How quickly can payments be processed using a Text-To-Pay service?

Payments made through Pay-By-Text can be processed within seconds, making it a fast and efficient payment solution for businesses and customers.

Is Pay-By-Text secure?

Yes, Pay-By-Text is a secure payment solution. All payment information is encrypted and processed through secure channels to ensure the safety and privacy of sensitive data.