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Grow Your Customers with Our E-Cash Payment System

Grow Your Customers with Our E-Cash Payment System

By implementing E-Cash, you can reach a broader range of customers, including underserved consumers without a bank or debit/credit card account and those who prefer to avoid making online payments or live payments to the billing companies’ call center representatives for security reasons. Maximize your customer base with E-Complish – adopt E-Cash now.

E-Complish Is Your Safe and Dependable E-Cash Provider

E-Complish specializes in customized payment processing solutions that are dependable, secure, and PCI-compliant. Our electronic cash system, which allows underbanked or privacy-concerned customers to pay in cash, makes it easier for clients to give customers greater convenience, allowing them more options for paying how they wish.

We simplify the payment process for you and your customers. With our E-Cash solution, all digital payments are easily reconciled and managed electronically through our portal, but customers get the option to buy products, pay their bills, or even make donations in cash. And no matter where customers are located, they can find a nearby location and safely pay their bills without hassle.

How E-Cash Works

E-Cash is a payment solution that allows users to pay in cash without needing credit or debit cards or a bank account.

Here’s how this E-Cash payment system works: When a customer is ready to checkout in an online store or pay a bill online, they can select the option to pay in cash. This will send a specially-generated QR code to their mobile device or computer, which they can either use on their device or print out.

The customer would then use the app or online search to choose the closest or most convenient location at which to pay. Then, all they have to visit the E-Cash location, scan their QR code, and pay the due amount in cash. It’s that simple.

Our E-Cash solution is a secure and convenient way for customers to pay their way.

Experience Secure and Convenient E-Cash Payments Today!

Expand you customer-base with E-Complish’s quick and easy E-Cash solution! We strive to help you serve the larger community, including those who are underbanked. Don’t wait— contact us about E-Cash today.
Experience Secure and Convenient E-Cash Payments Today!

E-Cash Benefits

  • Cash Convenience: Card not available? No problem! E-Cash provides a simple and secure solution for consumers who prefer to use cash.
  • Expand Your Reach: This simple solution targets a whole new range of consumer payment demographics.
  • Flexible Location: With a variety of locations to choose from, E-Cash assists your company in your efforts to reduce the number of missed or late payments.
E-Cash Benefits
Clients Reviews

Clients Reviews

Very appreciative of the good support I received I specifically want to thank Matt, Bill, and Stephen
Alec K.
Waste Management Industry, Pasco, WA
The E-Complish team helped us decrease our delinquencies by 15% and increased our online payments by 80%!! I cannot say enough about how this team works with us to analyze the problem and provide a solution. Not once did they try to upset us on a product that we did not need. I consider E-Complish a partner and consultant, not just a vendor.
Angie S.
Major Auto Finance Company (1500 Branches), South Carolina
You guys continue to be one of the best vendors I work with. Keep it up, since you set the bar high, I have come to expect it going forward! Thanks for your support.
Bennett L.
Auto Finance Industry, Evanston, IL
The guys always come through. I never worry when sending a question or issue because I know it will be resolved.
Kim R.
Rent-To-Own Chain (5,500 stores), National and Canada
I always enjoy working with your team – the IVR enhancement effort could not have gone anymore smoothly! Your teams’ willingness to implement changes -and make insightful recommendations (to said changes) – were greatly appreciated!
Susan Norris
SMECO, Energy Provider

Unlock the Power of Effortless E-Cash Payments: Start Now!

Are you looking for a way to expand your business and reach more customers? We can help! Utilizing new payment technologies and methods like E-Cash streamlines your payment processes and maximizes your cash flow while allowing more flexibility for your customers in how they choose to pay.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is E-Cash safe to use?

Yes, for both your business and your customers! On top of serving those who are underbanked, our E-Cash solution provides security for customers who choose to protect their payment information.

Can I use E-Cash for both online and offline transactions?

Our E-Cash payment system is designed to offer versatility and convenience, which means customers can use cash for any online payment, whether that be a bill, a purchase, a donation, or anything else.

Are there any transaction limits with the E-Cash solution?

Transaction limits may vary depending on our E-Cash solution's specific features and regulations. Generally, we provide daily and monthly transaction limits to ensure security and prevent unauthorized use. You can refer to our terms of service or contact our customer support for more information regarding transaction limits.