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Updated by 09.07.2023

E-Complish Cites Growing Interest in Digital, Mobile Payment Solutions

Customized payments solution provider’s partnership with Top 20-rated automobile financing agency exemplifies heightened popularity of new payment processing tools

October 18, 2018, New York, NY—Customized payments solutions provider E-Complish is seeing heightened interest in its digital and mobile payment solutions—from its own customers and the customers they serve.

Earlier this year, Lobel Financial, currently ranked by Experian as one of the top 20 automobile financing companies in the United States, integrated E-Complish’s proprietary, subscription-based Text2Pay system into its existing payments solutions.  The move followed Lobel Financials’ successful integration of E-Complish’s HostPay Online Customer Self-Service Portal system into its payment solutions two years ago. So far, more than 24% of Lobel Financials’ customers currently use Host2Pay on a monthly basis, with a steadily growing number of other Lobel Financial clients signing up to do the same, according to Lobel Financial.

Lobel Financial has provided automobile financing since 1977.  We have partnered with E-Complish to provide secure online, and SMS/Text solutions, to not only check the status of Lobel Financial customer loans but even make a payment with a simple 4-6 digit PIN.  We feel by partnering with E-Complish we can offer our customers the best security and convenience in the industry.  We look forward to future projects with E-Complish which may include electronic billing and payments., said Harvey Lobel, President of Lobel Financial.

Lobel Financial partners and other end-users leverage Text2Pay to bill customers and accept payments through SMS text messaging technology. Customers can sign up to simply receive bill payment reminders via the service or to register for a secure “pay by text” option in which their account information is stored in a secure system maintained by E-Complish. When ready to make a payment, they submit a pre-selected PIN number to make payment via a return text.

Easy to integrate with all E-Complish solutions using E-Complish’s VirtualPay all-in-one online payment system used by call center reps, Text2Pay benefits customers by affording them the convenience to securely handle their bills from any SMS-capable device whenever the time is right for them. Businesses enjoy the advantage of improved payment accuracy and speed, coupled with reductions in lost, missed, and late payments.

Meanwhile, HostPay makes it easy for companies to quickly and securely process online web-based payments made with major credit cards. Companies link their website to the HostPay payment site, which can be customized to meet individual clients’ branding and design specifications. Payments are processed in real time on Level One PCI-compliant servers, with customized email receipts and responses sent to customers once their payments have been received, using their existing credit card merchant account and bank ACH.

Statistics show that it makes sense for businesses to adopt solutions such as Text2Pay and HostPay. According to Pew Internet, texting is the most widely and frequently used smartphone app, with 97 percent of Americans utilizing it at least once daily and more than 80 percent of adults in the U.S. now engaging in texting to some degree, according to Pew Internet. Research from Statista indicates that total transaction value in the digital payments segment, including web- and text-based transactions, will demonstrate an annual growth rate of 9.1 percent over the next five years, reaching $1.2 billion in 2022.

In addition to Text2Pay and VirtualPay, HostPay offers full integration with E-Complish’s mobile, recurring, ACH and EBPP (Electronic Billing, Presentment and Payment) solutions; Speaking of EBPP, Lobel Financial plans a rollout of EBPP shortly which will allow electronic billing presentment and payment options versus energy negative paper bills and mailings. Regardless of the solution with which it integrates, HostPay yields benefits to end-users in the form of enhanced customer service, increased revenues, reduced transaction costs, decreased transaction errors, EBPP integration and more.

” I am happy that after two plus years that Lobel Financial is happy and still planning new projects with E-Complish that will make them more efficient, safe and secure. More importantly, I am proud to say that E-Complish has a great product offering for companies like Lobel Financial where we can come in, provide a solution and we know it works.” ~ Stephen J. Price, President/CEO

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Since 1998, E-Complish has provided merchants around the country with top online and over-the-phone payment processing services that keep customer data secure and make it easier for retailers to manage transactions. E-Complish uses the latest groundbreaking technology to design payment processing services that deliver ease of use, accuracy, dependability, personalization capabilities and automation that improves productivity.

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