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Updated by 09.07.2023

E-Complish Develops an EBPP Campaign Awareness for Clients


Company Announces Faster than Expected Subscription Rates among Customers

E-Complish, a leading payments solutions provider, has announced initial results of a Campaign Awareness Project (CAP) involving its’ electronic billing, payment, and presentment (EBPP) product line. CAP is a no-cost added value service that was designed to monitor an E-Complish client’s success with the E-Complish product. A 90 day CAP initiative was launched June 10, 2015, with the goal to increase EBPP subscriptions among customers by 15%. This particular CAP strategy was designed to utilize a new standout call to action that offers customers the option to subscribe to e-billing.

Results to date of the E-Complish campaign include:

  • Conversion rate of 25%. This means that 25% of the consumers being present with the EBPP option are enrolling.
  • Overall EBPP subscription increase of 19.5%. This CAP initiative already exceeded the 90 day goal of 15% in just over 30 days with further increases expected.

“At E-Complish, we’re proud to create Campaign Awareness Programs such as this that help our clients, their customers, and demonstrates our commitment to our clients’ success.” said Stephen Price, CEO of E-Complish. “Offering payment solutions like EBPP and then monitoring its results sometimes requires a tweaking based on services offered, the demographic, look and feel, etc… Launching Campaign Awareness Programs, and at no cost to our clients, is what E-Complish is all about.”

Electronic Billing, Payment, and Presentment (EBPP) is a payment solution for businesses and its customers that reduces costs associated with paper and postage while creating an intuitive payment platform. According to E-Complish businesses converting to EBPP have seen an average of 15% reduction in late or missed payments, with nearly half of enrolled customers paying his or her bill the same day invoice emails are sent.

For more information about EBPP and E-Complish’s other payment solutions visit

E-Complish, LLC: Since 1998, E-Complish has helped businesses increase profit and communicate more efficiently with customers through its unique financial services, quickly becoming one of the nation’s most reliable and secure payment partners. For more information about E-Complish, please call 888-847-7744 or visit

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