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Updated by 09.07.2023

E-Complish Honors Veterans with ‘30 Days of Heroes’ Social Media Campaign

The Social Media Outreach Designed to Encourage Followers to Share Their Stories and Give Thanks

New York, New York November 20, 2017 – For more than 60 years, a special day has been etched on Americans’ November calendars. It’s a solemn moment of national remembrance that comes on the heels of what’s typically a heated, politically charged election season, and less than two weeks before families of all stripes and colors gather for Thanksgiving.

Veterans Day is the day we take a collective pause to recognize and say thanks to the proud men and women of the United States military. In our nation’s still-young 241-year history, (barely 10 generations removed from greats like George Washington and Ulysses S. Grant) more than 40 million Americans have served in the nation’s armed services. And of those courageous individuals, 1.2 million of them have paid the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom and security we so often forget isn’t so much a constitutional right as much as it is an ongoing promise from our military to keep us safe from foreign and domestic threats.

In honor of the 63rd Veterans Day — the day which replaced U.S. recognition of Armistice Day, officially ending all hostilities of World War I combatants — E-Complish, a leading payments solutions provider, wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to these courageous individuals and help other Americans not in the military do the same.

For the month of November, E-Complish has launched a wide-ranging social media campaign in an effort to raise awareness about how important our military is; that it’s an organization whose success depends on men and women who are prepared on a moment’s notice to do what others will not, or cannot — a sense of mission best captured by the words of First Lieutenant US Marine Core Travis Manion, who was killed in Iraq on April 29, 2007: “If not me, then who.”

E-Complish, in partnership with the organization that bears Travis’ name today, the Travis Manion Foundation, is publishing the stories and photos of the fallen heroes on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ for the entire month of November. The tributes also include important information on what their families are doing to honor their sacrifice.

Called “30 Days of Heroes,” or socially known as #30DayOfHeros, E-Complish is inspired by these brave families and hopes you are, too. Follow the company’s posts over the next two weeks and share your love and support for these great men and women, while we all share thanks for our freedom that they have sacrificed to give us.

“We ask that you do not give E-Complish credit in any way, but spread these stories via your own social media channels,” says Stephen Price, E-Complish’s CEO. “These Heroes via #30DayOfHeros, deserve to be remembered and in our opinion, our country needs a powerful reminder right now. In our current state of hyper-partisanship and an increased upwelling of domestic social challenges, a shared sense of unity and respect for our shared values as Americans is desperately needed. On Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and on all the days that follow, what better way to reinvigorate that common cause than by honoring their service.”

Already names like Linkon Bashew, a U.S. Navy SEAL; Sgt. Adan Gonzales; Chris Adlesperger; and Navy Lieutenant Valerie Cappelaere — and more — populate the E-Complish social media platforms. Many of the postings include a personal quote the heroes are best remembered by or a characteristic that best encapsulated who they were. Regardless of race, color, creed or gender, all, as evidenced by the uniforms they wore, demonstrated uncommon valor and bravery. And never should their lives be forgotten.

“We must tell their stories so that our children and grandchildren will understand what our lives might have been like had it not been for their sacrifice,” Price says, referring to quote by George Bush, posted on October 31 at the start of the campaign. “It is my hope that this cross-platform social media effort will remind all of us to share these stories and post stories of their own. Honoring our current veterans and commemorating those who have died, shouldn’t be resigned to a single day or two in the year. It must be an ongoing recognition if our words are to have any lasting power.”

About E-Complish:

Founded in 1998, E-Complish’s mission is to deliver a wide selection of secure and dependable services, making it easy for its customers to process and report on all types of transactions. For more information about E-Complish and “30 Days of Heroes” social media campaign visit or call 888-847-7744.

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