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Updated by 09.07.2023

Mobile Payment Processing Leader Offers Suite of Services Designed to Help Businesses of all Sizes Grow

E-Complish Provides Customized Payment Solutions to Automate Acceptance and Processing for any Business Need

Baltimore, Maryland, May 15, 2016 — Whether it’s the 20-something millennial, the Baby Boomer parent, or a healthy percentage of almost any other demographic group, mobile payments represent an increasingly vital way that consumers complete their transactions.

Mobile payments are divided into two subsets, point-of-sale mobile payments (which includes mobile wallets like Apple Pay and swipe/scanner technologies), and remote transactions like a credit card linked to Amazon or Chase’s QuickPay. Mobile payment processing is already generating payment totals well in excess of $100 billion dollars and is on track to top $1 trillion by 2017.

Moreover, according to a recent survey, 43 percent of adult respondents reported that they had used a mobile device, be it a smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch, to make a purchase in a brick-and-mortar store. In addition to that, the survey also found that 83 percent of respondents felt that mobile payments were a convenient experience.

For businesses large and small, these are telling signals. Failure to adopt a seamless mobile payment processing system could mean the loss of significant business. E-Complish, a leading payment solutions provider, recognizes these trends as well, and is pleased to help businesses enhance their mobile payment processing capabilities with a suite of three innovative services — MobilePay, Text2Pay, and

Mobile Payment Processing Trifecta

E-Complish’s mobile payment processing services seamlessly integrates a business’s existing payment process and helps brands gain a competitive advantage. MobilePay is a web-based customized service that allows customers to make payments quickly and easily from their tablet devices or mobile phones.

“The Level 1 PCI Compliant technology ensures that all transactions are encrypted and secure. Text2Pay allows customers to make quick and easy payments by responding to text message payment notification with a PIN number. adds another, simpler way to enter credit card information using the camera on a smartphone without actually storing a picture on the mobile phone.”

The benefits of MobilePay and its related tools are obvious. Ideal for merchants whose customers use mobile payments frequently, the technology allows businesses to maintain e-commerce capabilities on their website for all customers, while also being able to send invoices to customers that require immediate follow-up. Add to that the ability to differentiate your business and outrun your competitors, while also saving time on chasing late bills, and the result is a powerful tool.

“Mobile payments doesn’t just represent the future of business transactions, it’s very much the here and now,” said Stephen Price, E-Complish’s CEO. “And the only way businesses can capitalize on this exciting trend is if they make their mobile payment processing a seamless and intuitive customer and merchant experience. E-Complish has spent years perfecting its latest suite of mobile payment services and is eager to demonstrate that competence.”

Picture Power, E-Complish’s newest offering, is an instant, secure credit card scanning technology used by companies like PayPal and Uber. makes it even easier to submit credit card payments on mobile devices without storing credit card numbers. Designed for merchants with customers who favor mobile payment processes, MobilePay with technology requires consumers to hold up their credit card to their phone’s camera. The card number and expiration date will automatically be filled into the MobilePay fields, and the consumer is prompted to manually enter their security code. At no time is a picture taken or stored in the phone.

“With the U.S. economy continuing to add jobs, economists predicting 1.5 to 2.5 percent growth for the remainder of 2016, and consumer spending inching upward, all signs point to across-the-board business strength in the months ahead,” Price added. “Before we enter the fourth quarter push where the bulk of businesses turn a yearly profit, now would be an ideal time for companies to consider investing in these vital mobile payment processing upgrades.”

About E-Complish

Founded in 1998, E-Complish’s mission is to deliver a wide selection of secure and dependable services, making it easy for its customers to process and report on all types of transactions. For more information about E-Complish and its suite of online business solutions including its automated phone payment system visit or call 888-847-7744.

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