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Updated by 03.26.2024

How Recurring Payment Solutions Ease Payment Collection Woes

How Recurring Payment Solutions Ease Payment Collection Woes

It may not be the first day of fall yet that doesn’t happen until September 23. But by this point in the month, summer is over for kids and adults alike. It’s back-to-school time. This means customers will only be rushing around getting their children ready for and acclimated to school, but also be busy signing up for after-school activities and driving their offspring from place to place. Even most consumers who don’t have kids are busier now that the slow, relaxed pace of summer is picking up. With so much to do, everyone may forget to pay their utility and other monthly bills, leaving companies with late or missing payments. However, there’s an antidote to that in the form of recurring payment solutions.

When companies offer a recurring payment solution, customers designate a credit or debit card and register to have recurring payments automatically charged to or debited from the corresponding account. They also receive an automatic reminder when the designated credit or debit card is about to expire, in plenty of time to provide new account information before their next scheduled payment. The end result: Payments stay on track and seamless, no matter how busy consumers become as the season gets into high gear and they juggle not only their own increased work and personal commitments but, in many cases, their kids’ homework, after school/weekend activities and birthday party invitations as well.

What’s more, customers will appreciate the ease and convenience of recurring payment options along with the chance to avoid the hassle of late fees, and double payments due to compensating for payments missed the month before. That’s not to mention the aggravation and embarrassment of returning home to find that their utilities have been turned off due to non-payment and scrambling to make things right again. All of this makes recurring payment solutions a great fit for any business that collects regular payments from customers utilities, property management companies, and many more. E-Complish offers RecurPay, a PCI-compliant recurring payment solution that can be customized to process weekly, monthly, and annual scheduled payments. RecurPay integrates with E-Complish’s HostPay, a consumer-facing web payment, which gives the consumer the possibility of accessing their account 24-7. Schedule a consultation to learn more.

Amber Capece
Amber Capece
Amber comes to E-Complish with 12 years of experience in the Hospitality Industry. We are sure you are wondering how…