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Updated by 09.07.2023

E-Complish Enhances Small-Business Payment Capabilities with DirectPay by Phone Solution

Customized Payment Processing Leader’s DirectPay Removes Hassle of Getting Customer Payments


New York, NY, August 15, 2016 — Ask a millennial if they have ever written a check before and chances are you’ll hear a mixed response. According to a recent survey 52 percent of millennials (children born roughly between 1981 and 2001) have never used a check. And for consumers that do use checks, 64 percent write less than three a month.

While no doubt past its late ‘90s peak usage, checks still account for some 20 billion transactions annually. It’s a transactional reality that continues to generate more than a quarter of the U.S. Postal Service’s total revenue, and checks remain the preferred large sum payment method for people over 55.

Not surprisingly, businesses rely on checks too. Whether it’s consumers making a purchase or third-party vendors sending bulk products, some 67 percent of businesses still use paper checks. Even so, traditional checks have their drawbacks. Paper Check processing eat into profits, payments are delayed relative to the time it takes a consumer to write and send the check, time lost processing a physical check, and the cost and energy to deposit the check, all comes to about $7.15. Add this up and small businesses are left with a large cash flow inefficiency.

That’s why E-Complish, a leading customized payment solutions provider, is pleased to announce that its DirectPay Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is designed to alleviate the stress typically associated with traditional paper checks. For the past 17 years DirectPay has given businesses of any size the ability to take payment by phone rather than waiting for customers to mail checks (or process credit cards) to an office. With DirectPay, businesses are paid same-day while avoiding that $7.15 cost to create tremendous cost-savings.

Check Your Stress

How the DirectPay IVR works is simple. Merchants can accept ACH or credit cards. The merchant can use their existing ACH provider (their bank or a third party) and their existing credit card merchant account. E-Complish simply creates an 800 number that the merchant can transfer calls from their own phone system (PBX) or give out the direct 800 number to their customers. In all cases, the DirectPay IVR will sound like the merchant, not E-Complish, which increases the likelihood of repeat payments by 70% over a traditional third-party service bureau approach. Additionally, each customer will receive a Text Receipt after the call is complete.

“With DirectPay IVR, businesses that adopt the service will be able to track when a payment is made and simply get paid faster.” said Stephen Price, E-Complish’s CEO. “In addition to that, the service integrates seamlessly with any merchant system and E-complish’s other custom payment services and solutions including credit card payments, Web, Mobile, Text/SMS, E-Bill, Print & Mail, Electronic Signature and VirtualPay, our in-house all-in-one payment console for Call Center representatives.”

The benefits of DirectPay are clear. Businesses receive same-day payment, accelerated cash flow, increased collections, and high security production. Best of all, businesses that adopt this innovative transaction solution are already ahead of the competition.

“The bottom line is this: DirectPay is ideal for merchants that want to take payments by phone, but don’t want compliance issues and slow cash-flow,” Price added. “The rate of declined payments due to input errors is also reduced which means there’s less time and effort wasted on pursuing follow-up attempts with reluctant or disorganized customers. Say goodbye to those awkward conversations with customers once and for all and get paid today.”

About E-Complish

Founded in 1998, E-Complish’s mission is simple. Help businesses find the problems in their payment processes and design exactly what they need to fix those problems. We call it a “Customized Vested Solution” where we maintain transparency to our client’s customers. Instead of setup and maintenance fees, E-Complish provides full integration and programming at little to no-cost and is compensated by way of a transaction fee model. This approach puts the onus on E-Complish to develop high quality custom products that produce results. Quite simply, if the merchant is not paid, neither is E-Complish. Visit or call 888-847-7744.

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