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Updated by 11.15.2023

Mobile Payment Processing Leader’s Services Boost Security and Save Money

New York, NY, September 15, 2016 — Ask a small business what’s one of their number-one gripes and invariably they will tell you about their credit card processing system. That is, assuming they are among the 45 percent of small businesses that have actually adopted the technology.

From the high cost of use — credit card payment processors charge approximately 2 percent to 3 percent for every transaction and B2B brands spend some $2 million in credit card processing fees for every billion in revenue — to the difficulty of use, many small businesses find themselves in a challenging position. But the fact remains that next to cash, credit cards remain the preferred way consumers spend money.

In fact, some surveys find that when asked their preferred method of spending, 43 percent of Americans opt for debit cards and 35 percent go for credit cards. Small businesses that reject credit card processing are undoubtedly losing out on these opportunities, as well as the chance to take their businesses online — a forum where nearly half of consumers prefer to use credit cards.

Recognizing the need to streamline and simplify credit card payment processing, E-Complish, a leading payment solutions provider, is pleased to announce that its innovative merchant solutions takes the stress out of the practice, while ensuring maximal transaction security. The company’s suite of products will process more transactions faster and reduce a company’s overhead by significant margins.

“Our philosophy is that e-commerce transactions should be quick and easy,” said Stephen Price, E-Complish’s CEO. “That’s why we’ve spent time researching proven methods to get customers through the checkout process in as little time as possible, always keeping in mind the importance of personalization and security — security guaranteed through PCI-compliant solutions upheld to the highest security standards. In other words, worry less, and process transactions faster.”

HostPay is a payment site that businesses link to from their website, with the option of customizing it to match their website’s unique design. HostPay easily integrates with other E-Complish solutions using their online payment console, VirtualPay. It is ideal for merchants that want full e-commerce capabilities on their website, would like to avoid the hassle of hosting their own system, don’t want the cost associated with custom solution, and wish to offer buyers instant, customized email receipts.

RecurPay helps make recurring credit card payments easy and includes a full suite of fraud detection tools and easy account and billing management. The solution is ideal for those who would prefer that users pay regularly, but don’t want increased collection fees, are looking to offer a weekly, monthly, or annual membership, would rather not store customer credit card information, and want to eliminate traditional bills and statements.

BatchPay, meanwhile, allows merchants to upload batches of thousands of transactions with a single click and does away with having to manually enter credit card transactions by hand.

“Our innovative merchant solutions are proving that small businesses have no reason to fear credit card payment processing,” Price added. “Although some customers still prefer to pay with cash, in the not too distant future I suspect no business stateside or elsewhere will be able to reject some form of electronic payment. And E-Complish’s suite of innovative merchant solutions is helping set the tone for that future day.”

About E-Complish

Founded in 1998, E-Complish’s mission is simple: Help businesses find the problems in their payment processes and design exactly what they need to fix those problems. We call it a “Customized Vested Solution” where we maintain transparency to our client’s customers. Instead of setup and maintenance fees, E-Complish provides full integration and programming at little to no-cost and is compensated by way of a transaction fee model. This approach puts the onus on E-Complish to develop high-quality custom products that produce results. Quite simply, if the merchant is not paid, neither is E-Complish. Visit or call 888-847-7744.

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