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Updated by 09.07.2023

E-Complish offers retailers and consumers heightened data protection through the holiday shopping season


E-Complish offers retailers and consumers heightened data protection through the holiday shopping season

In recent years, a growing number of high-profile companies have been hit by consumer data breaches during the fourth-quarter. In response, leading payment solutions provider E-Complish is offering increased data protection to its customers throughout the holiday shopping season and beyond.

With consumers and businesses favoring new digital payment processes, including the newly launched Apple Pay and transactions through social media channels, data is more vulnerable than in years past. Pairing that with a recent study conducted by global information security company NCC Group, which reported that 77% of consumers feel unsafe when shopping online, it becomes clear that steps need to be made to protect consumer data.

“The American public is aware of the growing risk of experiencing a serious breach of their important personal information. They are educated and seeking out the safest ways of completing their holiday shopping,” said Stephen Price, CEO of E-Complish. “To restore consumer confidence in the marketplace, retailers – both online and brick and mortar shops – need to take a more serious look at the way they handle data. On the consumer side, shoppers need to watch their bank statements closely to quickly catch any discrepancies in their purchasing history. Retailers simply need to implement solutions that ensure data safety.”

E-Complish offers a full range of PCI compliant solutions that are designed to improve the speed and performance of payment processing, fraud protection, and e-commerce transactions, while providing its consumers the satisfaction of knowing their information is completely safe.

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