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Updated by 09.07.2023

The City of Boulder Integrates E-Complish’s Text2Pay Payment System

The City of Boulder Integrates E-Complish’s Text2Pay Payment System

E-Complish’s Newest Solution is Compatible with Their All-in-One Payment Console, Virtual Pay

Just last year, Boulder, Colorado implemented an E-Complish automated payment processing system designed from the ground up specifically for the city. Coming soon, the City of Boulder adds E-Complish Text2Pay to the roster of supported payment processing systems.

With a young and mobile college community, E-Complish’s Text2Pay is a great fit for City of Boulder citizens on the go, while providing the City of Boulder with an additional low-cost payment channel. E-Complish and the City of Boulder expect this new payment method to result in fewer missed payments, a decreased delinquency rate for the city, as well as an added convenience and “cool factor” for its citizens.

E-Complish’s Text2Pay is a text-based payment platform that allows City of Boulder citizens to easily pay bills with a single text message. After signing up, citizens can choose whether they want to pay bills directly through the service, or just be reminded when a payment is due. After a brief registration, citizens who opt to pay their bill through the service may do so by responding to their reminder text with a personalized PIN code, paying their bill in real time. In order to maintain security, at no time does the E-Complish Text2Pay service ask for a credit card or banking information via text. Instead, at time of registration, the citizen will store their payment information in a Secure Wallet and assign a personalized PIN to create a secure text-to-payment experience on the go.

“E-Complish Text2Pay is our newest and most convenient offering,” said Stephen Price, CEO of E-Complish. “As more city governments and businesses adapt to the changing payment landscape by adopting services like E-Complish Text2Pay and MobilePay, they’ll see a significant decrease in overhead caused by the expense of paper billing and late and missed payments.”

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