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Updated by 09.07.2023

E-Complish Evaluates New Apple Payment System as Incomplete Solution

E-Complish Evaluates New Apple Payment System as Incomplete Solution

Business Payment Solutions for On-Going Billing Require Alternative Solutions, says E-Complish

Baltimore, Maryland – September 19th, 2014 – After Apple revealed its highly anticipated payment system last week, E-Complish has assessed its capabilities. While the new payment system, Apple Pay, is a new way for consumers to make online purchases and pay for goods and services in brick-and-mortar stores, it is lacking fundamental B2C payment capabilities, says E-Complish.

“Apple Pay is able to meet consumer needs at the point-of-sale and online,” said Stephen Price, CEO of E-Complish. “But this is a consumer initiated one-way payment channel that does not have the functionality to account for business-to-consumer transactions.”

As businesses search for an entry point into the digital payment world, including text-based and mobile payment systems, a universal solution seems promising. Although the new payment system may seem enticing for small businesses to accept point of sale or online purchases, the advanced functionality required for more complex on-going billing and payment processes is not complete.

“Businesses with on-going billing don’t simply need point of sale payments, but a range of service offerings in order to stay competitive,” said Price. “While Apple’s new payment system presents an excellent and efficient way for consumers to pay in stores and online, it’s not a viable solution for businesses or utilities that maintain on-going billing with a consistent customer base. In order to collect a diverse range of payments from various demographics, businesses with cyclical billing will need additional payment channels like IVRs, mobile payments, online payments, live customer service phone payments and text payments – not just point of sale and online payments.”

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