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Updated by 09.07.2023

E-Complish Announces Success With Utility Companies Across the Country


E-Complish, a provider of IVRs, Mobile Solutions, and customer and representative facing website solutions, announces their success with State, County and City utility companies.

E-Complish is a hosted Level 1 PCI Compliant Payment Processor, certified in accordance with the most stringent standards in the credit card payment industry. For the past fifteen years E-Complish has served multiple State, City and County utilities systems which include, Southern Maryland Electrical Cooperative (SMECO) Berkeley County Public Service and Sewer District (BCPSSD of West Virginia), Jefferson Utilities (Covering Jefferson County West Virginia), the City of Ft. Smith Arkansas, the City of Boulder Colorado and more. These customers have enjoyed the benefits of outsourced PCI Compliance for security and ease of payment with their online payment website, interactive payment by phone, customer service tools and mobile based payment channels via mobile browser or SMS/Text.

States, Cities and Counties are facing a multi-million dollar problem of installing new systems and servers to become and stay compliant to the dynamic changes of PCI Compliance standards. By outsourcing this mandate to E-Complish, they are shifting to onus onto trusted and monitored E-Complish servers and systems for PCI Compliance and Internet threats. The E-Complish services create tremendous cost-savings and compliance.

In return, E-Complish intentionally operates in the background by creating the exact look and feel of the State, County or City government for the consumer. E-Complish does not believe in the “Service Bureau” approach. Early on E-Complish saw that the Service Bureau model created a very high abandonment rate. Meaning the consumer almost pays their bill, but then decides to back out for various reasons. E-Complish decided to differentiates itself by creating a level of comfort for the consumer by looking and feeling exactly like the utility they are trying to pay. The consumer never knows they are on E-Complish Servers and Systems and this is very intentional. This level of customization does create more work for E-Complish upfront in the setup stages, but decreases the abandonment rate by at least 30% month over month for its government clients.

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E-Complish, LLC: Since 1998, E-Complish has been providing ground up customizable financial services for organizations seeking to improve their bottom line, and has established itself as a reliable and secure Level 1 PCI Compliant payment partner. Striving to handle both payments and security on a daily basis for companies like Honor Finance, E-Complish has positioned itself as a leader in secure, reliable and totally customizable payment acceptance and processing.