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Updated by 09.07.2023

US Auto Credit Sees Explosive Growth after Implementing Automated Payment Processing Systems

Increasing Payment Flexibility and Efficiency Changed Their Business

Jacksonville, FL – October 24, 2013:  With the goal of improving its payment collection and transaction processing systems, US Auto Credit approached E-Complish to assist in employing over-the-phone and online payment experiences for their customer base.  The implementation of DirectPay (pay-by-phone) in 2009, gave customers the flexibility to make payments 24/7, eliminating the restriction of paying within 9-5 business hours. Additionally, the customized IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solution provided the necessary freedom for US Auto Credit representatives to handle the more difficult debt resolution cases. As a result, DirectPay helped the US Auto Credit reduce costs through increased efficiency and volume.

Seeing the success of DirectPay with a 23% adoption rate by US Auto Credit customers, in 2010, they moved forward with the implementation of the secure online consumer payment portal and VirtualPay representative payment and reporting system.

“Online payments created a small revolution for our customers and enabled self-service prepaid debit card and credit card transactions at the click of the mouse”, said Greg Gaines, Director of E-Commerce at US Auto Credit. As a result of the streamlined online payment process offered by E-Complish, US Auto Credit converted 42% of its client base to online payment processing in the first 120 days of offering.

With the implementation of the three payment solutions by E-Complish, US Auto Credit has experienced a 58% increase in automated payment acceptance and has decreased its payment processing cost by 18%. Additionally, its total monthly volume of items processed increased 31% for all solutions combined, as well as reduced the number of vendors US Auto Credit is required to manage and monitor.

E-Complish’s DirectPay, HostPay, and VirtualPay solutions immediately and successfully extended business hours and functionality while increasing payment collection and ease-of-use. “The merchant credit card and consumer payment solutions provided by E-Complish helped US Auto Credit remain relevant, viable and successful”, said Mr. Gaines.

E-Complish, LLC: Since 1998, E-Complish has been providing financial services for organizations seeking to digitally upgrade their system with automated payment processing. It has grown to offer a full suite of solutions that streamline payment processing to the last finite detail and has established itself as a reliable payment partner.

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