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Updated by 09.07.2023

Gold Capital, LLC Partners with E-Complish’s Automated Payment Plans

Rent-To-Own Makes It Easier For Tenants to Make Automated Payments

Paducah, KY – October, 2013: Gold Capital LLC, a Rent-To-Own Provider based in Kentucky, recently paired up with E-Complish to implement its DirectPay (pay-by-phone) system. Prior to its implementation in August 2013, Gold Capital’s customers would have to mail in payments, use services such as MoneyGram, Check Free Pay, and PayPal, or call in to speak to a customer service representative. The company recognized the need to be able to securely collect payments by phone, making DirectPay a convenient option for customers due to its Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System.

The installation of DirectPay will prove beneficial, as customer service representatives now have more time to make outbound calls to customers that are not calling in to pay. So far, Gold Capital has received positive feedback from its customers regarding the new payment system option, as the transaction process is quick, easy, and safe. Instead of waiting on hold to speak to a customer service representative, customers now have the convenience to quickly make their payments and get off the phone. Nearly 2000 payments for two companies under Gold Capital LLC were processed during September 2013, the first full month of having the DirectPay system.

To access the DirectPay system, Gold Capital customers can call the 800 number (877-281-3656), select Option 2 to pay by phone, and follow the simple instructions. Customers would have to have their account number and payment information ready to make a payment through the system.

E-Complish, LLC: Since 1998, E-Complish has been providing financial services for organizations seeking to digitally upgrade their system with automated payment processing. It has grown to offer a full suite of solutions that streamline payment processing to the last finite detail and has established itself as a reliable payment partner.

For more information about E-Complish, please call (301) 865-7570 or visit For more information about the CCI tuition payment system, please call (714) 427-3001 or visit

Gold Capital, LLC: Providing Rent-To-Own portable buildings and storage units built by Graceland Portable Buildings, Gold Capital offers superior quality and service to its customers. For more information about Gold Capital, LLC, please visit: