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Updated by 10.24.2023

Corinthian Colleges Tuition Made Simple with E-Complish Automated Payment Plans


Santa Ana, California – January 30th 2014: Corinthian Colleges, Inc., one of the largest post-secondary education companies in the United States and Canada, is implementing DirectPay IVR, or automated payment systems, a new automated tuition payment processing system, for each of their WyoTech, Everest, and Heald campus locations. Students will soon be able to pay tuition over the phone 24 hours a day by calling 888-745-0160, rather than contacting the tuition office during business hours.

With over 91,000 students, Corinthian College was searching for a way to decrease the amount of time and resources they were spending on processing such a large number of payments. They also wanted to decrease the number of overdue bills by providing more avenues through which a student could make a payment. The new phone payment system, scheduled to be launched in mid-February, will give students the convenience of making payments without having to speak to a customer service representative. This benefit, in turn, allows the college business offices to re-allocate resources towards other endeavors.

In addition to the added convenience for students, the automated phone system will deliver a new level of high-quality security as well. E-Complish, the payment processing partner who designed the system chosen by CCI, adheres to strict Level 1 PCI compliance regulations. The customized IVR (interactive voice response) ensures that absolutely no personal payment data will be stored on the Corinthian Colleges server.

E-Complish, LLC: Since 1998, E-Complish has been providing financial services for organizations seeking to improve their bottom line, and has established itself as a reliable payment partner. Striving to handle both payments and issues on a daily basis, Boulder is excited about this new development in the system.

For more information about E-Complish, please call (301) 865-7570 or visit For more information about the CCI tuition payment system, please call (714) 427-3001 or visit