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Updated by 09.07.2023

The City of Fort Smith to Integrate E-Complish Payment Systems for Water, Sewer, and Sanitation Bills


Fort Smith, Arkansas – January 31st, 2014: The City of Fort Smith has implemented a new payment system through E-Complish that will significantly transform the way people pay their utility bills. Users can now make payments at any time over the phone instead of mailing a check or calling an operator during business hours.

E-Complish has designed a 24/7 automated phone payment system that will provide the citizens of Fort Smith with the ability to pay on their utility bills via credit or debit cards or make a one-time payment each month. This new payment system, called DirectPay, is simpler and more secure than payment systems of the past. Adhering to Level 1 PCI Compliance requirements, E-Complish’s payment system maintains a high level of security for personal and account information.

Designed specifically for the City of Fort Smith, the custom payment system improves the speed, quality, and security of payments, while decreasing the amount of time and resources the city will spend processing paper payments. “Our new payment system improves the city’s commerce infrastructure in many dramatic ways,” said Stephen Price, CEO of E-Complish. “More and more cities and businesses lean toward phone payment systems because of their inherent speed, ease and overall security.”

Bill Hon, business manager in the customer service department says, “We’re pleased to accept debit or credit card payments over the phone, effective immediately. Security measures are in place and we’ve worked to make sure the service is affordable. Credit card companies charge us for each transaction and it’s important that these costs be reasonable, and limited to customers who want or need this convenience.”

A $2 service fee is added to each pay-by-phone transaction.

Citizens who choose to pay by phone should call, toll free, (866) 795–5942

E-Complish, LLC: Since 1998, E-Complish has been providing financial services for organizations seeking to improve their bottom line, and has established itself as a reliable payment partner. Striving to handle both payments and issues on a daily basis for cities like Ft. Smith, E-Complish has positioned itself as a leader in secure, reliable payment acceptance and processing.

For more information about E-Complish, please call (301) 865-7570 or visit For more information about the Fort Smith payment system, please call (866) 795-5942 or visit