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Updated by 01.25.2024

Top Reasons Government Works Use E-Signatures

Do your utility customers need to sign forms like applications, registrations, service contracts, and/or payment plan agreements?

Speed those official processes along by replacing postal delays with more efficient electronic documents and signatures. Discover how technology makes paperless authorizations, commitments, consents, acknowledgments, and approvals much more convenient and practical for everyone involved.

Historical Perspective

  • Wet signatures: America’s founding fathers hand-inscribed traditional autographs on our Declaration of Independence in 1776. The term “wet” represents the time ink signatures and wax seals take to dry.
  • Electronic endorsements: These supposedly contemporary conveniences date back to America’s 1861-1865 Civil War when parties exchanged contracts via telegraph machines’ Morse code. Transmissions’ encoded authorizations functioned as electronic endorsements that were as viable as ink ones. In the 1980s, fax machines began transmitting time-sensitive documents as second-generation e-signatures. Recipients’ copied forms provided inscription images that were legally binding while senders’ printed originals contained actual handwritten autographs.

Modern Business Challenges

Some 44 percent of surveyed companies report that needing to acquire handwritten names on paper records interrupts over 50 percent of their business processes. Obtaining physical endorsements adds an average of 3.1 days to most routines. Moving from wet to e-signatures is a natural transition that automates internal steps. Electronic inscriptions can execute most documents with a few exceptions including requests to cancel utility services.

Your Convenient Solution

Every patron can open and endorse a computerized E-Complish EDoc quickly via any internet-enabled device, including tablets and smartphones. Various formats like uploaded, drawn, and typed names count as paperless autographs. Our web-based platform adheres to all Electronic Signature (ESIGN) Act of 2000 guidelines.

To initiate EDocs, you’ll also need to provide one of three transaction options:

  • HostPay: Consumer web portal;
  • VirtualPay: The ultimate combo of customer service solutions;
  • DevConnect: One application programming interface (API) integrates your legacy system with E-Complish’s payment processors.

Today, progressive vendors like you wanting to beat competitors are conducting business with the preferred EDoc method. Here are the best reasons for joining the growing e-signature movement:

Conserve time: Staffers and customers can process EDocs and e-signatures much more rapidly than handling and filing paperwork manually. Innovative software features pre-populate form templates, which streamlines your company’s internal operations. That allows all parties to devote more time to other responsibilities. Your patrons’ signing step is super fast and easy. They can endorse documents via portable devices without waiting for desktop computers to start.

E-signatures help utility companies operate at peak efficiency and boost volume. If customers forget to sign forms, enable auto reminders to resend EDocs to them, keeping the intended workflow progressing on track.

Everyone will appreciate how reliable electronic endorsements simplify tasks that used to require more time-intensive steps.

  • Save money: Count on EDocs to decrease overhead costs and increase your return on investment (ROI). This method eliminates paper, printer, fax, scanner, copy machine, postal mail, and courier expenses as well as legal fees when forged or illegally altered physical forms cause problems.
  • Minimize storage space: Environmentally friendly EDocs promote green living by reducing clutter and freeing up the physical room. When you don’t print electronic records on paper, storing them in computer file folders and backup systems is a real space saver, compared to bulky filing cabinets and storage boxes.
  • Ensure security: With electronic signature technology, contracts are never vulnerable to postal delays or losses. Encryption software and tamper-proof portable document file (PDF) forms prevent forgeries. Specialized tools can detect even subtle errors and compliance issues. Unlike loose papers, employees can’t misplace signed computerized agreements. Internally assigned administrators can access files quickly at any time from any web, Android, and iPhone application for viewing and/or approving documents. E-Complish stores your signed form archive on our secure servers so you can retrieve records whenever necessary.
  • Guarantee legally binding status: American laws and courts recognize e-signatures as legitimate endorsement forms that are legally binding. They serve as valid proof that subscribers intend to honor your contracts. Thanks to audit trails, dated documents and IP addresses eliminate worries about potential forgeries and disputes.
  • Please customers: Modern clients expect utility providers’ documents to be quick, accurate, and safe. Improved personalized service and satisfaction can help boost your customer base. After all, parties sign off on the agreements, they receive finalized copies. Your patrons will appreciate being able to access electronic forms easily anytime.
Amber Capece
Amber Capece
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