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Updated by 09.07.2023

Honor Finance Integrates E-Complish Payment Systems for Customer Payment Processing


Evanston, IL – Honor Finance has implemented several E-Complish solutions, including HostPay, VirtualPay, and RecurPay, for their auto finance customers that will add convenient and reliable new ways to pay online or over the phone. Unlike their previous systems, all solutions provided by E-Complish were totally customized to Honor Finance’s needs to tailor their specific customer needs and increase overall efficiency. Customers can now make payments at any time through the Honor Finance website (HostPay), set up recurring payments (RecurPay), or call their local branch representative instead of physically paying in person at a local branch or mailing a check. Additionally, the in-house representative system (VirtualPay) was fully customized for speed to quickly assist and process the customer’s payment and reduce call hold times.

By partnering with E-Complish, Honor Finance not only adds a quick, reliable and secure way to pay, but they also receive a resource that helps them successfully track all of their customer transactions with centralized real-time viewing and reporting from all current and future payment channels. Once a transaction is completed, E-Complish securely processes the customer’s payment and keeps a “breadcrumb trail” of all activity so Honor Finance may more efficiently monitor their data for efficiency, fraud and compliance.

For customers, in addition to security and convenience, E-Complish solutions reduce delinquencies and past-due fees by providing a 24-hour self-serve online payment service that eliminates physically paying at a branch location or risking late fees by sending their checks in the mail. These solutions will also benefit Honor Finance, as the company will see a lower cost of operation by reducing the total number of physical payment processing at branch locations.

“When businesses convert to online payment systems, they’re not only improving the payment experience for themselves and their customers but in turn creating a new level of customer self-service” said Stephen Price, CEO of E-Complish. “Providing multiple options for bill payment makes payment simpler, faster and more efficient with the added benefit of E-Complish security and total customization. We are excited to be working with Honor Finance and we look forward to future payment options for their customers.”

Honor Finance customers who choose to pay online or setup a recurring payment should visit to establish a web profile, or if they prefer they may still contact their local branch for personal one-on-one representative assistance.

E-Complish, LLC: Since 1998, E-Complish has been providing ground up customizable financial services for organizations seeking to improve their bottom line, and has established itself as a reliable and secure Level 1 PCI Compliant payment partner. Striving to handle both payments and security on a daily basis for companies like Honor Finance, E-Complish has positioned itself as a leader in secure, reliable and totally customizable payment acceptance and processing.